Everything in One Place

Budget Fu aggregates all your financial accounts into a simple calendar view. Making planning and forecasting as easy as updating your calendar.

Your Financial Co-Pilot

Bringing the power of a financial advisor in your hands.
Effective reporting to help you make informed financial decisions and to help determine your financial health for today or a year in the future!
Your data is encrypted with the latest business standards keeping your transactions secure.
Budget is in our name! Allocated funds to your categories so you know your spending is where you want it to be.

Checkbook In Your Pocket

Know where you are now or in the future at a glance.
See your current financial position at a glance. Such as recent transactions, future transactions, subscriptions, and keep an eye on your budgets and goals!
Expense Forecasting
Paired with the ease of tracking your finances on a calendar, we've added AI driven predictions on how your spending will look in the future. Helping you set realistic goals and budgeting for years to come.
Tracking your money isn't about setting budgets, but also setting goals! This gives your money a job to help you pay off debts, save up for a future expense, or to treat yourself!

Budget Fu Is Designed By Those Who Love Budgeting (And You)!

Basic Plan (Free)
• Manually Add and Remove Transactions
• Basic Reporting
• Limited Budgeting
• Set Goals For Removing Debt And Big Buys
• Basic Cashboard Widgets
Pro Plan ($10/mo)
• Everything Basic Has
• Sync Bank Transactions Automatically
• Automatically Categorizes Synced Transactions
• Advanced Reporting
• AI Driven Expense Forecasting
• Unlimited Budgeting
• Advanced Cashboard Widgets
We created an application that helps you reach to financial independence faster! This isn't just an app, it's a companion.

Works On All Your Favorite Devices. No App To Download!

Starting out I was completely financially illiterate suffering from late notices every month on my rent and debters looking for my car to repo. Using the tools I've distilled in Budget Fu I've found financial independence and security for my family. I hope this can help you too!
Kyle Apfel